Justice for Jerry Waller

Forensic Reconstruction Proves Jerry Waller Was Unarmed


jerrywithhorseJerry Waller was born on October 23, 1940 to the now deceased Rev. John B. and Juanita Waller. Born and raised in Fort Worth, he attended Brewer High School.

Jerry married my mother, Kathleen, in 1968, while he was in the Officer Candidate School of the Oklahoma National Guard. After serving his country, he became a successful small business owner. Never wanting to retire, he was still managing his tire company and small farm at the time of his death.

Jerry was a loving husband and father. He loved to spoil his grandchildren and pets, who cherished him. Often the only thing that provides comfort through our sadness and anger is memories of the man we lost. Jerry not only provided for us, but always had us laughing. He was kind to everyone he met and he never met a stranger. Even when our family had difficult times, he was always calm and did what needed to be done – going to get medicine in the middle of the night, waiting up in hospital waiting rooms, driving hours out of his way to fix his child’s broken down car. He didn’t wait for special occasions to tell us how much he loved us and how proud he was of us.

Often the only thing that provides comfort through our sadness and anger is the memory of the man we lost. My father’s last day was a peaceful Memorial Day with the family. My dad started the day in the front yard hanging the American flag to honor our veterans. After a morning of planting flowers, he grilled big steaks for everyone plus a little extra for his devoted dogs. It was a beautiful, clear day and the pool was warm enough for him to take a swim. My dad had a full summer of projects he planned to do around the house. Before he fell asleep that night, he told my mom what a good day it had been.

We are touched by all of the people who have stood behind my father and supported our family. We are especially thankful for our neighbors who have been here for us in our time of need. We mourn the loss of Jerry Waller every day. We wish we had another chance to tell him how much we will always love him and how grateful we are for everything he did for us.