Candlelight Vigil-May 28, 2014

One year ago, my father was startled from a deep sleep, worried about unknown home intruders. A rookie officer, while blinding my father with flashlights, jumped to many prejudiced conclusions before shooting him. We were deeply offended when we read the young officer’s report. Let us set the record straight.

My father was the bedrock of our family. He worked hard all of his life. From his early twenties he ran small businesses in Oklahoma and Missouri before returning to Fort Worth, the place he always considered home. He drove two hours each way on either end of a 10-hour day. He would tough it out with his employees through the hot, scorching summers, lifting loads of heavy truck tires in 100-degree weather. He never complained about his hard work and everything he earned he gave to his loved ones. He gave his children opportunities he never had, sending us to college and beyond. When our family had difficult times, he didn’t panic, but did what needed to be done – going to get medicine in the middle of the night, standing by in hospital waiting rooms, driving hours out of his way to fix his child’s broken down car. As we remember Jerry Waller, we know his character shone through in his final moments serving and protecting his family.

We are not only suffering because we lost our beloved Jerry. We suffer because we cannot trust a system that promoted dishonesty and perpetuated injustice. The police directly responsible for my father’s death are not the only ones who acted unprofessionally and unethically. We waited eight long months for the city to allow us access to documents that would explain what happened to my father. With so many inconsistent statements, mishandled pieces of evidence and glaring omissions, we can see why the Fort Worth Police Department might want to keep these documents under wraps. Our resolve to get justice for my father has only grown. Our blood has boiled as we listened to false statements fed to the media that aimed to make this case sound tidy and closed. Jerry Waller was protecting his family in the early hours of May 28th. This case is not closed for our family or this community.

Often the only thing that provides comfort through our sadness and anger is the memory of the man we lost. My father’s last day was a peaceful Memorial Day with my mother and my brother and his children. My dad started the day in the front yard hanging the American flag to honor our veterans. After a morning of planting flowers, he grilled big steaks for everyone plus a little extra for his devoted dogs. It was a beautiful, clear day and the pool was warm enough for him to take a swim. My dad had a full summer of projects he planned to do around the house. Before he fell asleep that night, he told my mom what a good day it had been.

We are touched by all of the people who have stood behind my father and supported our family. We are especially thankful for our neighbors who have been here for us in our time of need. We mourn the loss of Jerry Waller every day. We wish we had another chance to tell him how much we will always love him and how grateful we are for everything he did for us.

–Angie Waller

6 thoughts on “Candlelight Vigil-May 28, 2014

  1. Every 2 months after this happened I wrote letters to the editor of the Star-Telegram and two letters to my councilman (Jungus Jordan) and to the Mayor. Though I never new Mr. Waller, I was enraged when it happened and heart-broken when the Grand Jury FINALLY got the case and no-billed the officer.
    I will not attend in person, but believe me I will remember.

    Don Billings Fort Worth

  2. I knew Jerry for many years. He was always a very kind & gentle man. So sad he is gone. A great man that always seemed to care for others.

  3. I have never quit thinking about this. I am so very sorry for your loss. We have a great police department, but this is a travesty. We are in a “right to carry state”. What kind of law allows someone (policeman or not) to walk into your garage at night and shoot multiple times, claiming that they were afraid for their life????

    In the end, forgiveness and love is the answer….

  4. My sincere condolences,… I cannot begin to explain my anger and frustration at the lack of accountability by our police dept. once again. While I may understand how the Grand Jury could not find criminal intent on the part of the officers involved, the lack of good judgment and flaws in procedure under the circumstances is appalling! Are we expected to just hit the ground anytime we are blinded by a light and ordered to do so , even inside our own homes? While the police have no obligation to use decent judgement or take any evasive action to prevent using deadly force on what should be obviously a homeowner! Out of the last 5000 burglars or prowlers arrested, how many resembled Mr. Waller in the least? I cringe to think either of these two officers are still allowed to possess a peace officers license anywhere much less remain on the force here! I can only hope your family can find some closure in civil action, but in the interest of the rest of us these cops need to be removed from this line of work and there needs to be some serious changes to dept procedure and protocol! There needs to be more than ” I was afraid he was going to harm me” as just cause for killing a citizen! Good luck to you all And I WILL be there tomorrow to show my support. God Bless

  5. I too was horrified at the news of this tragic murder of Mr. Waller by two rookie Fort Worth police officers. I am ashamed of my city government for covering up the truth. Please continue to fight for justice for Mr. Waller. Hugs to all of the family & friends who are deprived of Mr. Waller’s presence.

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