Justice for Jerry Waller

Forensic Reconstruction Proves Jerry Waller Was Unarmed

Bungling Police

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  • FWPD Officers went to wrong address, shot startled homeowner in middle of night
  • Police shoot homeowner, realize later they were at wrong address
Street address clearly painted on the curbs and mailbox outside of the Waller home.

Street address clearly painted on the curbs and mailbox outside of the Waller home.

An unarmed Jerry Waller was killed by a Fort Worth police officer.
The police officer:

  • Was at the wrong address;
  • Was confused about street numbers being odd on one side and even on the other;
  • Pointed his gun, but never said who he was; and
  • Opened fire seconds after a homeowner in his own garage laid down his gun on the car trunk.

Officer Richard Hoeppner and Benjamin Hanlon failed to follow police procedures in a routine burglary alarm call. The alarm came from the neighbor’s home across the street (409 Havenwood Ln N). It was called in as an audible alarm. It turned out to be a false alarm.

Instead of checking on the residence with the audible alarm, both officers, Officer Richard Hoeppner and Benjamin Hanlon, ignorant of the fact street numbers are odd on one side and even on the other side, proceeded to the rear of the Waller home at 404 Havenwood Lane N.

They did not go to the front door as required by police protocol. No audible alarm was sounding, although the ADT operator told the 911 dispatcher that they received an audible alarm. After several minutes prowling in the backyard with flashlights, Officer Hanlon went to the front of the house. Seconds later, Waller, age 72 and balding, dressed in blue jeans, white socks, no shirt, and carrying, pointed down, a .38 revolver, entered his lighted garage from the kitchen.

With a 50 lumen flashlight, designed to blind a subject at 30 feet or less, and admitting that he never identified himself as a police officer, Officer Hoeppner shot Jerry Waller six times, once in the heart, killing Jerry Waller as he lay in his garage.

Still not realizing they were at the wrong house and shot the homeowner, Hanlon called into his dispatch that he was at “409 Havenwood.” He then stated: “Uhhh… I don’t know who the guy is, the guy came out with a gun, wouldn’t put the gun down, Hoeppner fired.”

Hoeppner would later claim Waller pointed the gun at him, a claim that is contrary to the clear physical evidence.